Doctor's Course (Medicine): Lab Information

Department Main Research Focus Teaching Staff
Anatomy and Structural Biology Structural biology of organelles and protein complexes using cryo-electron microscopy Toshiyuki ODA
Anatomy and Cell Biology Functional analysis on the novel neural signaling system through cilium Sen TAKEDA
Interdisciplinary approaches to the development of a new medical diagnostic machine
Developmental Biology Molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular development in vertebrates Atsuo KAWAHARA
Physiology 1 Regulation of cell proliferation by ovarian steroid hormones Takanori UKA
Physiology 2 Sensorimotor information processing in the brain and development of advanced optical imaging technique kazuo KITAMURA
Biochemistry 1 Molecular mechanisms of synaptic structure and function Toshihisa OHTSUKA
Biochemistry 2 Mechanisms of growth factor signaling, Molecular mechanisms of tumor progression, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) Keiji MIYAZAWA
  Masao SAITOH
Advanced Biomedical Research 1. Research & development of innovative therapeutics, applying advanced medical science.
2. Creation and management of medical research infrastructure in academia.
3. Pathophysiological roles and molecular mechanisms of intercellular communication (Division of Molecular Signaling).
Neuropharmacology Regulation by glial cells of brain functions and diseases Schuichi KOIZUMI
Molecular Pathology Molecular pathology, elucidation of molecular mechanism of the life-related disease, atherosclerosis, translational research Jianglin FAN
Microbiology Study of molecular biology on hepatitis virus infection and the pathogenesis Kohji MORIISHI
Immunology How allergic diseases occur?: molecular mechanism and new approaches for the prevention and treatment Atsuhito NAKAO
Forensic Medicine DNA analysis on the highly degraded samples, mainly ancient human skeletons. Mechanism of the neuronal death and degeneration after trauma. Noboru ADACHI
Health Sciences TThe birth cohort study (the longitudinal study) on the fetal programming (fetal environments relate to health status of adults)
Genomic epidemiology to clarify the interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors
Social epidemiologic studies on social inequalities in health
Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Ethics Bioethics & Neuroethics Bioethics & neuroethics Chiaki KAGAWA
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Analysis of the correlation between drug resistance and hepatitis virus genomic structures.
A role of DKK family members in colorectal carcinogenesis.
Investigation for the molecular mechanism of hepatocarcinogenesis induced by hepatitis virus through determining complete viral genomic sequences.
Nobuyuki ENOMOTO
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Science and Medicine A development of non-invasive measurements of unstable atherosclerotic plaque Kiyotaka KUGIYAMA
Internal Medicine 3 Role serine proteases in the development of kidney diseases, hypertension, and diabetes Kenichiro KITAMURA
Neurology Clinical neurology, Molecular genetics in hereditary neurodegenerative disorders, Microneurography in autonomic nervous system Yoshihisa TAKIYAMA
Hematology/Oncology Glycolysis and cancer Keita KIRITO
Pediatrics Pediatric hematology and oncology Kanji SUGITA
Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Ethics Development of novel treatment for refractory mental disorders Nobutaka MOTOHASHI
Dermatology A novel immunotherapeutic approach for cancer (melanoma). Analyses of HIV and herpes virus infection.  
Surgery 1 Novel therapy for esophageal cancer with cancer vaccination., Innovative therapy for inflammatory bowel disease with cytokine regulation., Pancreatic cancer treatment by the improvement of cancer tissue hypoxia., Elucidation of mechanisms and establishment of protection of liver-ischemia reperfusion injury., Innovative therapy for so-called triple negative breast cancer. Hideki FUJII
Surgery 2 Cardiac surgery for ischemic, valvular and congenital heart diseases. Vascular surgery. Thoracic surgery for benign and malignant lung diseases. Pediatric surgery. Hiroyuki NAKAJIMA
Orthopaedic Surgery #1: Development of surgical treatment for spine and spinal cord disorders, bone and soft tissue tumors, hand and pediatric disorders, and reconstruction of extremity and joints.
#2: Molecular biologic investigation for spinal disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, and bone and cartilage metabolism.
Hirotaka HARO
Neurosurgery Pathophysiological investigation of stroke and innovation of the surgical treatment. Hiroyuki KINOUCHI
Anesthesiology Anesthesia for patients with coronary artery disease, Cerebral circulation and anesthesia, Thermoregulation and anesthesia, Neuropathic pain Takashi MATSUKAWA
Obstetrics and Gynecology Regenerative medicine using sotatic cell nuclear transfer, Study of carcinogenesis of uterine cervical cancer. Shuji HIRATA
Urology Lower urinary tract dysfunction, Minimally invasive therapy, Endoscopic surgery, Urological oncology, Treatment of renal failure, Renal transplantation Masayuki TAKEDA
Ophthalmology Chorioretinal disorders, Ocular genetics, Macular diseases and optical coherent tomography, Diagnostic system for glaucoma, Mechanism of retinal ganglion cells, Ophthalmological telemedicine system Hiroyuki IIJIMA
Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Functional reconstructive surgery and adoptive immunotherapy for head and neck cancer, Pathophysiology of mucosal immune system in upper respiratory tract, Molecular biology of inner ear ion homeostasis, Functional surgery and implantation for hearing recovery Keisuke MASUYAMA
Radiology Diagnostic imaging, Magnetic resonance imaging, Radiation oncology, Interventional radiology, Nuclear medicine Hiroshi ONISHI
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Jaw bone regeneration using bio-materials and dynamic stimulation, Morphological and dynamic analysis related to incidence of jaw deformity and temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Changes in trigeminal somato-sensory evoked potential and nerve tissue after maxillofacial surgery Koichiro UEKI
Clinical and Laboratory Medicine A role of platelets beyond hemostasis, development of novel laboratory tests including monitoring system for anti-platelet drug, platelet signal transduction Katsue SUZUKI-INOUE
Human Pathology Molecular and surgical pathology of thyroid diseases, Genetic background of thyroid cancer, Breast pathology Ryohei KATOH
Community and Family Medicine Community health policy, Health economics, Evaluation of the quality of medical care, Electronic medical records, Utilization of medical information Wataru SATO
Emergency & Critical Care Medicine Development of novel therapeutics for multiple organ failure (MOF). Mechanisms of MOF. Blood purification. Liquid ventilation. Kenichi MATSUDA
Clinical Pharmaceutics Pharmaceutical design and development of hospital preparations for improved QOL in patients Toshio OGUCHI
Mathematical Sciences Mathematics, Algebraic Geometry, Moduli of representations, Statistics, Statistics for Nursing Research Kazunori NAKAMOTO
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