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2021年3月17日    担当:ソン

Understanding pregnancy planning in a low-income country setting: validation of the London measure of unplanned pregnancy in Malawi
出典: BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 13, 200 (2013).
著者: ennifer Hall, Geraldine Barrett, Nicholas Mbwana, Andrew Copas, Address Malata & Judith Stephenson
- Unplanned pregnancy is a public health issue. There is a great need for improved pregnancy measures to contribute new insight on this crucial topic to inform policy-makers working to improve reproductive health and public health policy. ,
- This study aimed to validate the London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy (LMUP) in Chichewa language for use in Malawi.

- The Chichewa LMUP was made via translation and back-translation.
- After preliminary testing, the final version was field tested with pregnant women
recruited from three antenatal clinics.
- Analysis of the psychometric properties was performed based on the classical test theory approach. To assess the reliability, Cronbach's α, item-rest correlation, weighted κ and the simple Pearson's correlation were calculated. Construct validity was assessed using hypothesis testing and principal component analysis.

- 125 pregnant women completed the Chichewa LMUP, 74 participants returned for the JC_210317_Huynh Trung Son

re-test. There were no missing data.
- Reliability was acceptable (Cronbach's α = 0.78, weighted κ = 0.80). Validity testing confirmed that all hypotheses were met. The principal component analysis revealed two components (Eigenvalue of 3.1 and 1.0) but five over six items loaded onto one component.

- The LMUP Chichewa version is valid and reliable measure of pregnancy intention that is now available for use in Malawi.

    ■It is difficult to make a direct comparison of results between studies about unplanned pregnancy because of the different methods used to assess pregnancy intention. Therefore, this validation study is important for allowing Malawi, a relatively small region, to compare its results with those of other countries.
    ■There is growing evidence that the simple DHS question is less reliable than the LMUP which consists of six questions. It is important for Malawi pregnant women to validate the LMUP and replace the DHS question with the LMUP question in Chichewa language.
    ■nalyses of the psychometric properties in this study were based on the classical true score theory, in a similar way to the original UK study was conducted. Based on that approach, the psychometric properties of the Chichewa LMUP were properly evaluated in this study.


2021.3.17 Understanding pregnancy planning in a low-income country setting: validation of the London measure of unplanned pregnancy in Malawi
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