Advanced Biomedical Research

Department of Advanced Biomedical Research aims to promote translational research at university of Yamanashi and develop them, so as to foster and deliver innovative medicine to clinical sites. The covering fields of this department are not only pharmaceutics, but also medical devices and regenerative medicine. To enable integrated medical research into clinical application, we consruct a system to support academic collaborations among faculties, universities and institutions, as well as supports research design, statistical matters, and conducting actual research.

Division of Molecular Signaling
Our research focuses on defining the roles and mechanisms of intercellular communication in the control of tissue and organ function. Current studies in our lab combines molecular, biochemical and pathophysiological approaches in both cell and animal models to clarify the signaling mechanisms of gap junctions in cell responses to external stress stimuli. Our lab is also interested in finding clinically prescribed drugs that have the potential to interfere with the action of the channels and in translating basic findings to clinic situations.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Masaru IWASAKI Professor Translational research, Pharmaceutical Medicine
Jian YAO Associate Professor Pathophysiological role of intercellular communcation


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