Gastroenterology and Hepatology

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Hepatology section

Clinical : DAA therapy for HCV, nucleic acid analogue therapy for HBV, HCC treatment with RFA, TACE, molecularly-targeted therapy.
Research : gentetic analysis of HCC, resistant variant to DAA for HCV, and disease progression of hepatitis B with ultra-deep sequencing.

Gastrointestinal tract section

Clinical : ESD and chemotherapy for eshophageal, gastric, and colorectal cancer, treatment of IBD
Research : laser capture microdissection (LCM) and next-generation sequencing (NGS) to detect genomic mutations in endoscopically dissected canser.

Pancreatobiliary section

Clinical : interventional endoscopy, IDUS, peroral cholangioancreatoscopy, contrast-enhanced EUS.
Research : development of new diagnostic algorism for early pancreatobiliary cancer, and minimally-invasive therapies, genetic analysis of pancreatobiliary neoplasm using NGS.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Nobuyuki ENOMOTO Professor Hepatology
Tadashi SATO Associate Professor Gastrointestinal tract, Pancreatobiliary section
Minoru SAKAMOTO Associate Professor Hepatology
Shinya MAEKAWA Senior Assistant Professor Hepatology
Taisuke INOUE Senior Assistant Professor Hepatology
Tatsuya YAMAGUCHI Senior Assistant Professor Gastrointestinal tract
Yasuhiro NAKAYAMA Senior Assistant Professor Hepatology
Mitsuharu FUKASAWA Senior Assistant Professor Pancreatobilliary section
Shinichi TAKANO Senior Assistant Professor Pancreatobilliary section
Hiroko SHINDO Assistant Professor Pancreatobilliary section
Ei TAKAHASHI Assistant Professor Pancreatobilliary section
Shoji KOBAYASHI Assistant Professor Gastrointestinal tract
Mitsuaki SATO Assistant Professor Hepatology
Takashi YOSHIDA Assistant Professor Gastrointestinal tract



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