Biochemistry 2

1. TGF-β signaling and tumor progression

TGF-β is a growth factor that is widely distributed in our bodyand known to evoke distinct cellular responses in different types of target cell, which may be beneficial or detrimental depending on the cellular contexts. We try to elucidate the molecular basis underlying the context-dependent signalingto develop strategies to regulate TGF-β signaling in a cell-response-selective manner.

2. Regulators of malignant phenotypes of cancer cells

Malignant phenotypes of cancer cells are regulated by a plethora of factors. Among those, we focus on transcription factors, δEF1 (ZEB1) and SIP1 (ZEB2), as well as RNA splicing factors ESRP1/2 (epithelial splicing regulatory proteins). We recently found that these factors form a complex network to regulate malignant phenotypes of cancer cells, through mutually affecting expression and functions. We aim to find strategies to suppress tumor progression by manipulating this complex network.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Keiji MIYAZAWA Professor TGF-β signaling and tumor progression
Mitsuyoshi MOTIZUKI Assistant Professor TGF-β signaling and Smad proteins
Akira HAYAKAWA Assistant Professor RNA splicing factors and tumor progression
Yuka ITOH Assistant Professor Mechanisms of Smad-dependent transcriptional activation
Shigeo OHTAKE Assistant Professor Molecular mechanisms of tumor progression



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