Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery

Our department covers ear, nose and throat diseases, and also head & neck cancer and thyroid cancer.
We commonly perform diagnosis and treatment of head & neck cancer, and thyroid cancer, hearing improvement surgery (tympanoplasty, stapes surgery and cochlear implant), endoscopic sinus surgery, and immunotherapy and surgery for allergic rhinitis.
Our clinical research fields cover a mass spectrometry-based diagnosis of head and neck cancer, induction chemotherapy and functional reconstructive surgery for advanced head and neck cancer, adoptive immunotherapy for recurrent head and neck cancer, pathophysiology of mucosal immune system in upper respiratory tract, functional surgery and implantation for hearing recovery.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Keisuke MASUYAMA Professor immunotherapy for allergy and cancer/head & neck tumor/ TE shunt surgery/nose & paranasal sinus diseases/dysphagia
Atsushi KAMIJYO Associate Professor upper & lower airway diseases/allergen immunotherapy
Tomokazu MATSUOKA Senior Assistant Professor allergic diseases/head&neck tumor/allergen immuotherapy
Shuichiro ENDO Assistant Professor ear surgery/hearing loss/dizziness/facial palsy
Kyosuke HATSUSHIKA Assistant Professor allergic diseases/paranasal sinus/rhinoplasty/dysphagia
Takanori YAMAMOTO Assistant Professor otolaryngology general
Kei ASHIZAWA Assistant Professor mass spectrometry-based diagnosis of head & neck tumor
Shota TNANAKA Assistant Professor ear surgery/allergic diseases
Satoshi IGARASHI Assistant Professor allergic diseases/sleep apnea



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