The Department of Dermatology was officially recognized in 1983 after the previous institution, Yamanashi Medical University, had already been established. Our first professor was the late Professor Yoshiaki Hori (transferred to Kyushu University to teach in 1987). The second was the late Professor Kunihiko Tamaki (transferred to Tokyo University in 1994). The second was Professor Shinji Shimada (The current president of University of Yamanashi and the head director of The Japanese Dermatological Association). Our current and the fourth professor is Professor Tatsuyoshi Kawamura. We hosted several conferences such as International Investigative Dermatology (IID) in Kyoto, 2008, The 74th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Japan Division of JDA in Yamanashi, 2009, The Japanese Society for Dermatoallergology and Contact Dermatitis in Yamanashi, 2011, and Japanese Skin Cancer Society in Yamanashi, 2013. The Department of Dermatology is actively conducting basic researchs. We focus on 1. Virus Infection (HIV, HSV, VZV), 2. Cancer Immunology (melanoma and SCC), and 3. Autoimmune diseases (psoriasis and connective tissue diseases). Notably, we published several articles in high impact factor journals such as Journal of Clinical Investigation, Cell Host and Microbe, Blood, Journal of Investigative Dermatology.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Tatsuyoshi KAWAMURA Professor Skin Immunology, Virology (HIV, HSV, and VZV)
Takashi INOZUME Lecturer Cancer Immunology (Melenoma)
Hiroshi MITSUI Lecturer Allergy, Cancer Immunology (SCC)
Youichi OGAWA Assistant Professor Skin Immunology (Autoimmune diseases), Virology (HIV and HSV)
Takashi OKAMOTO Assistant Professor Skin Immunology (Psoriasis)
Shinya SANO Assistant Professor Operation, Skin Immunology (Psoriasis)
Takehiro OHMURA Assistant Professor Operation, Cancer Immunology (Melenoma)
Takae ShIMIZU Assistant Professor Skin Immunology (Autoimmune diseases)



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