Clinical and Laboratory Medicine

The department was founded by Prof. Shoji Kume in April 1991. He is an hematologist and at the same time a platelet researcher. In 1997, his pupil, Prof. Yukio Ozaki succeeded to his position and became the 2nd generation Professor. Prof. Katsue Suzuki-Inoue, a pupil of Dr. Yukio Ozaki, became the 3rd generation professor in 2016. Thus, our lab has been continuously working on platelet biology since 1991. Three important activities in our lab are (1) Research, (2) Clinical Practice, and (3) Education. (1) Research: We have identified the novel platelet activation receptor CLEC-2 as a receptor for platelet activating snake venom, rhodocytin and podoplanin as an endogenous ligand of CLEC-2. Since then, we revealed a number of pathophysiological roles of CLEC-2/podoplanin interaction in vivo. For example, facilitation of hematogenous tumor metastasis, blood/lymphatic vessel separation during development, and maintenance of thrombus stability. We would like to reveal pathophysiological roles of CLEC-2 in vivo and develop anti-CLEC-2 drug as anti-metastasis/thrombotic drug. (2) Clinical Practice: We focus on maintaining the level of our services as the central laboratory unit at a high level. We also undertake consultation about patients with thrombosis and hemostasis disorder. (3) Education: We give a lecture about Clinical and Laboratory Medicine to medical students.



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