Welcome to the Department of Radiology at the University of Yamanashi.

Radiology is an academic discipline for developing patients friendly medicine aimed at diagnosing a disease using invisible X-rays, ultrasounds, or magnetic resonance (Diagnostic Radiology) and treating with minimal invasive technique (Radiotherapy and Interventional Radiology [IVR]). Therefore, imaging diagnostics and radiation oncology which are aparently different fields, are actually in the same area, because they both provide gentle medical care to patients. The mottos of our department are “thinking of the patient’s feelings in clinical practice,” “looking at the world for research,” and “to ignite the interests and aspirations of students.” Japan is transforming to an aging society. In the ara of aging society, we believe that radiology plays an important role to provide gentle and high-precision medical care to elderly people. University of Yamanashi locates in Yamanashi prefecture, which is next to Tokyo and has the Mt. Fuji.
We are sure you will enjoy not only professionalism in radiology but also the great nature of Japan in Yamanashi.
Join our program, and use it stepping stone to greatness!


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Hiroshi ONISHI Professor Radiation Oncology
Utaroh MOTOSUGI Associate Professor Abdominal Imaging
Takuji ARAKI Associate Professor Interventional Radiology
Kengo KURIYAMA Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology
Takako UMEDA Assistant Professor Nuclear Medicine in general
Tatsuaki TSUKAMOTO Assistant Professor Diagnostic Imaging
Takafumi KOMIYAMA Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology
Eiichi SAWADA Assistant Professor Diagnostic Thoracic Imaging
Kan MARINO Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology
Shinichi AOKI Clinical Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology
Hiroki OKADA Assistant Professor Interventional Radiology
Shintaro ICHIKAWA Assistant Professor Diagnostic Abdominal Imaging
Akihiro OKUMURA Clinical Assistant Professor Diagnostic Neuro Imaging
Tsuyota KOSHIISHI Clinical Assistant Professor Diagnostic Head and Neck Imaging
Kojiro ONOHARA Clinical Assistant Professor Diagnostic Imaging
Masahide SAITO ResearchAssociate Professor Medical Physicist



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