Surgery 2

Our department has been offering clinical services in the specialties of cardiovascular surgery (surgical treatment of ischemic heart diseases, valvular heart diseases, great and peripheral vessels, congenital heart diseases, etc.), general thoracic surgery (surgery of the lungs, chest wall & mediastinum) and pediatric surgery. Endovascular aneurismal repair using a stent graft has been carrying out in collaboration with the department of radiology. We also conduct research in the above specialties as well as educate and train medical students, residents and nurses.
Numbers of research projects are under way. Long-term results of molecularly-targeted therapy for lung cancer, valvular cardiac surgery in octogenarians are a few to mention among them.
Students of undergraduate and post-graduate medical and nursing schools are given a standard education. Apart from the training in the basic curriculum, they are also given an optimal exposure to the latest developments in the above specialties. We had received some trainees from Asian countries in the past as a part of our contribution to the international exchange.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Hiroyuki NAKAJIMA Professor  
Shoji SUZUKI Associate Professor  
Shigeaki KAGA Senior Assistant Professor  
Hirochika MATSUBARA Senior Assistant Professor  
Norio HASUDA Assistant Professor  
Kenji SAKAKIBARA Assistant Professor  
Masatake KATSU Assistant Professor  
Yoshihiro HONDA Assistant Professor  
Tomofumi ICHIHARA Assistant Professor  
Satoru SHIRAIWA Assistant Professor  
Hiroyasu MATSUOKA Assistant Professor  
Tsuyoshi UCHIDA Assistant Professor  



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