Health Sciences

Department of Health Sciences was established in 1981. Professor Makoto Higurashi, Professor Akio Asaka and Professor Zentaro Yamagata has been directing the department. Graduate students can achieve master’s degree and doctoral degree with daily effort. We lecture epidemiology, public health, human genetics and practice of epidemiology for graduate and undergraduate students. We welcome students who are willing to contribute to human health and welfare.
1. Koshu Project is an ongoing prospective cohort of pregnant women and their children in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan. In the project, we research maternal and child health.
2. Center for Birth Cohort Studies of University of Yamanashi has been contributing to a nation-wide survey of Japan Environmental and Children’s Study (JECS). The purpose of this survey is to explore the effect of environmental factors of children and mothers on child growth and development. We will follow up children from antenatal period to the age of 13 years.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Zentaro YAMAGATA Professor Public Health, Epidemiology, Human genetics
Hiroshi YOKOMICHI Associate Professor Public Health, Epidemiology, Clinical Epidemiology
Kazunari ONISHI Associate Professor Environmental Helath, Public Health, Epidemiology
Kunio MIYAKE Associate Professor Epigenetics, Human genetics
Yuuka AKIYAMA Assistant Professor Public Health, Epidemiology, Nutorition
Reiji KOJIMA Assistant Professor Pediatrics, Epidemiology
Tadao OOOKA Assistant Professor Public Health, Epidemiology
Miri SATO Assistant Professor Psychology, Epidemiology, Pharmacy



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