Obstetrics snd Gynecology

In our department, each member of the staff is concerned with providing satisfactory medical services to the people visiting the hospital. For the purpose, we try to functionally combine cutting-edge medical services which are expected in a university hospital and community-oriented medical services as the leading hospital in Yamanashi Prefecture. We provide the medical services in the areas of high-risk pregnancy, childbirth management, state of the art reproductive medicine, multidisciplinary treatment and management of gynecologic cancers, and menopause and geriatric gynecology in addition to general Obstetrics and Gynecology. If you wish to consult with us about anything, please do not hesitate to talk to the doctors, nurses, and midwives. Since this is a University Hospital, education and training of future doctors, nurses, and midwives are also our important mission. This is why you might find our system is slightly intimidating and different from general hospitals. If you can understand this situation and cooperate with us, it would be greatly appreciated.


Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Shuji HIRATA Professor Reproductive Biology
Akihiko HASHI Associate Professor Gynecologic Oncology
Tsuyoshi KASAI Associate Professor Reproductive Medicine
Yasuhiko OKUDA Project Associate Professor Perinatology
Masatoshi NARA Senior Assistant Professor Gynecologic Oncology
Makiko OMORI Senior Assistant Professor Gynecologic Oncology
Hiroko FUKASAWA Assistant Professor Gynecologic Oncology
Eriko OGASAHARA Assistant Professor Perinatology
Maki OHGI Assistant Professor Reproductive Medicine
Hikaru TAGAYA Assistant Professor Gynecologic Oncology
Tastuyuki OGAWA Assistant Professor Reproductive Medicine
Yumika WATANABE Project Assistant Professor Perinatology


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