Emergency & Critical Care Medicine

Welcome to Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, the center for critically ills care, clinical education, and life-saving medical research.

Our goals are to provide first-rate primary as well as critical care for the patients in this area, to train the next generation of clinicians, scholars, and the future leaders of critical care medicine, and to push the frontiers of the critical care medicine. We have numerous research studies underway at any given time. Our research is an interdisciplinary field that addresses a plenty of subjects and medical specialties ranging from basic to clinical research. For example, we are now developing a implantable artificial kidney system using new technology concerned with a hollow fiber, and a real-time bowel sound analysis system for the clinically ills.

We absolutely welcome offers for collaborative research from domestic and foreign research institutions or researcher interested in our studies.

Name Title・Positions Main Research Focus
Kenichi MATSUDA Professor  
Takeshi MORIGUCHI Associate Professor  
Norikazu HARII Assistant Professor  
Junko GOTO Research associate  
Daiki HARADA Research associate  
Hisanori SUGAWARA Research associate  
Junichi TAKAMINO Research associate  
Masateru UENO Research associate  
Hirobumi ISE Graduate student  
Akino WATANABE Graduate student  


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