第70回日本細胞生物学会・第51回日本発生生物学会合同大会 参加報告

社本 憲俊さん

医学部医学科 2014年入学

2018年6月6-8日 タワーホール船堀

 第70回日本細胞生物学会・第51回日本発生生物学会合同大会に参加しCharacterization of a novel ciliary protein, TTC18というタイトルでポスター発表を行った。自身が注目して研究を行っているTt18についてポスターを作成した。設けられていたposter discussion の時間には、約10名の研究者が見に来てくださった。繊毛やクラミドモナスについて研究をしている方々であったので、詳しい内容の質問や自身にはなかったアイデアをくださり、とても有意義なディスカッションを行うことができた。以下に自身の抄録を記す。 

TTC18 is a 150 kDa protein found by our transcriptome analysis in mice. Little is known on this protein, except that it has TPR domains in the C-terminus. This domain is known to mediate protein-protein interactions, and are also found in some components in the IFT complex.

RT-PCR analysis of various mouse cells and tissues revealed that Ttc18 mRNA was expressed only in those with motile cilia. When they were immunostained, TTC18 localized on the motile cilia, and the pattern was different from the punctate staining of IFT subunits. Subcellular fractionation revealed a co-sedimentation with acetylated tubulin after high-salt extraction, while relatively weak detergent treatment used for IFT extraction didn’t do well. When cultured mouse ependyma were transduced with lentiviral shRNA against Ttc18, reductions in cilia beating frequency were observed. Consistent with these observations, Chlamydomonas mutated in the Ttc18 homolog, fap70, showed defects in the axonemal structure and function of the flagella.

These results suggest that TTC18 is a novel structural component of the axoneme of motile cilia and plays important roles in ciliary structure and function.





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